I have a place on the Fourth Plinth!

I’m chuffed that my name has been drawn for a place on The Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square on 4th August from 6-7am. More info at oneandother.co.uk.

But what the blinking heck should I do with my hour? I’m not sure I really have one burning issue I want to support/promote, but there are many great things happening in Brum that I wouldn’t mind giving a helping hand to, including Rhubarb Radio, Birmingham Bloggers, BARG, Birmingham Hackspace, West by West Midlands, Social Media Surgeries, We Share Stuff

So I’m thinking vaguely along the lines of promoting Brum and digital inclusion. I’m pretty sure I first heard about the event via Twitter (@brendadada if I remember correctly) and in fact I’ve not really noticed it covered by any other media, so I probably wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t for Twitter.

I’m thinking about live tweeting using a hashtag, say #catnipplinth or even a separate Twitter account. It’s a great way to share my experience with my Twitter friends. I could possibly rig up a laptop to display tweets at the bottom of the plinth (Jon would have to be on guard!), hopefully there would be enough battery to last an hour.

So, what do you clever people think? Is my idea too vague? Can you think a better way of doing it or any other ideas?

I need to let them know what I’m planning on doing when I accept the invitation, which I only have 2 more days left to do, so if you have any ideas, let me know asap.

Thanks :)

Update: I have now confirmed my place, but keep the ideas coming as nothing is set in stone!

22 thoughts on “I have a place on the Fourth Plinth!

  1. Paul Bradshaw

    How about you don’t decide in advance but instead say you will follow instructions tweeted at the time. Perhaps you could use the lead-up to identify 3/4 objects you will take up with you (can you?) and then the tweets while you’re up there can say ‘Write XXX on your paper’ or ‘Throw the orange at a pigeon’.

    Which all promotes digital inclusion, naturally.

  2. catnip Post author

    Really like that idea Paul, sounds fun too :)
    Perhaps I could have a blackboard and chalk instead of paper? A webcam would be good too so that people can see if I’m doing their challenges. I’d have to have final call on which ones I choose to do though, so that I don’t get a load of spammy requests.

  3. catnip Post author

    By the way, from the FAQ page:

    “You are welcome to bring anything you yourself can carry onto the plinth. You might want to bring warm clothes (especially if your time slot is during the night), a book, an umbrella, some food or drink, props, or even a small, battery-powered amplifier.”

  4. Jon Bounds

    >A webcam would be good too so that people can see if I’m doing their challenges.

    The whole lot is being broadcast on the site – so we’ll be able to watch you.

  5. Pebblespurls

    Yay! Another Plinthian!!!!
    I am 26th July and alternate between excitement and abject terror!

  6. Nick Booth

    I really can’t imagine a more perfect person for the plinth. Would it be too much to attempt to do alive radio rhubarb from there? Would that look like exploiting the opportunity?

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  8. Paul Hadley

    Julia, we should have time to pull together some sort of mini-wifi broadcast gadget for you, so maybe you can wear a headset mic and talk to us all whilst you’re there via the station. Maybe we can get one of the flipjack devices up and running so it’s no bigger than a mobile phone (in fact it is a mobile phone, leaving your iPhone free to tweet from etc). Giz a call?

  9. steve

    try to involve the pigeons they are a part of place ……maybe feed them and tag them with parcel tags and include info on brum
    just a humble thought good luck will watch you

  10. steve

    two themes to explore……
    and no pigeons involved!
    first linking space + time …….take up flat pack boxes numbered 1 to 30 on one side and 30 to 60 on other side….
    then each minute make up a box and create a wall around plinth to fit say each box is 1.2 m high then at 30 turn them to reveal 31 to 60 and begin dismantling wall till you are left with original pile of flat packs….and go
    second this would be good at night……have a high beam torch (could use sound cues in daylight) and sixty collaborators in square……when picked out they reveal a shirt like sports with number back and front…..you could then direct them to a spot ……say eventually they are all surrounding a fountain or lined up somewhere…….it would be as if you were conducting a choir of movement….
    oh and last today……hold up a list of places that are a set distance from the plinth…….2400 miles away perhaps ??

  11. Pete Ashton

    Been watching the stream a bit and a thought has emerged.

    Get a video-capable phone (N95 or something) and live-stream
    the view from the plinth over Bambuser / Qik / etc. This would be neat as it turns the tables on the cameras, probably breaks SkyArts’ exclusivity deal and, more importantly, gives you the audio platform to talk about and promote whatever you want.

    You could do it with a laptop and dongle but a phone would be more subtle and a nice digital empowerment statement – “I can do what Artichoke / SkyArts are doing from my phone.”

  12. catnip Post author

    @steve cool ideas, have you entered yourself? box idea sounds cool, but too much like hard work, and I’d prob knock them off, or they’d blow off knowing my luck! love the torch idea, but it will be light at 6am, also not many people around at that time!

    @Pete brill idea, and maybe I can yell at the people watching to “do something” and “entertain me” :)

  13. steve

    Im miles away in south africa so didnt enter but as ideas come you will get unfettered access…..gratis
    not too impressed with plinthers do far……..
    lets hope you have a dry hour!
    …..bye 4 now

  14. steve

    ok heres a theme…….I like the idea of incorporating the title “One & Other” into an art event …….ready?
    was thinking how cherry picker comes into view…….and on it would be maybe two guys to help and three boxes……all same size (1.8m ht x say 650/700 mm sq) could be shelving angle construction and some plasticised panelling so light weight ……each are same weight(wt of human ) and YOU are inside one.
    they unload them onto plinth…….and each one has printed on it ……ONE…..&……OTHER (so first box has just ONE on all four faces and so on)there’s a seat inside for you to sit )…….so the suspense is……what will happen and where are you ……there are no clues……are you there?
    (this began cos thinking if Houdini was on plinth he would pull a stunt and vanish ..)
    after one hour they come and take boxes off……bet it would make the world ponder……..ah you say “but is it ART?”
    ……Im working on next idea….how to erect a web cam at height of nelsons column while on plinth…..got an idea for it …….bye

  15. steve

    have you changed your mind ?…..these past few days have thrown up some points about communication…
    was thinking “how would you make the loudest noise on plinth?”
    and for the 4am slot how about someone playing the dawn chorus ……?
    projecting soft balls with streamers using some sort of safe catapult would be fun ……maybe hit Nelson….
    and will someone dress as angel of the south in pink costume which takes its form from Anthony G’S steel artwork?
    this would look good with an array of figures scaled to the A of the South size so they were “human figures ” and took from Gormlys “field of dreams” spread

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