Plinth hour transcript

The first of probably a few post-Plinth posts. I also want to collect and display all the #catnipplinth tweets and sort through various bits of video and pics that Jon took of me from the ground.

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to transcribe what I said on the Plinth (you can see the official recording of my hour on my One and Other profile page). As well as what I actually said myself, I’ve included some descriptive things in square brackets, added links where appropriate, and put notes in italics.


Is it really almost 3 mins in before I speak? I think I was waiting for the JCB to disappear completely and it does take quite a long time to go up and down.

[Heckler: Jump, jump, jump]


OK, it’s just gone 6 o’clock. I’m on the Plinth!

Hello #thatlondon OK, I didn’t say the hash, but I was thinking it!

Right, I have lots of things planned. I don’t know if they’re all going to work.

[Heckler: Sing a song!]

[To heckler] No, i’m not going to sing

[Points to t-shirt] @catnip is my Twitter name.

Contact me with @catnip and you can talk to me while I’m on the Plinth. You can share my experience.

I’m hoping to play a game of Twitter Pictionary. Don’t know if that’s gonna work, but we’ll give it a go.

But before I set that up, I just want to take a panoramic photo. Just bear with me a second.

[Here I start taking the panoramic photo using the Pano app on my iPhone.]

Hehe, this is trickier than you might imagine, ’cause there’s so many windows that all look the same on the National Gallery, but I’ll give it a go.

It takes a little while, but when I’ve finished this, you should be able to see a 360 degree view of what I can see, and I’ll post it straight to Twitter as well.

There we go. Just matching up the edges.

[Wind blows across microphone.]

It had started to spit, but I think, thankfully, touch wood [touches head], it’s stopped. Which is good because it would ruin all my technology.

Okaaay. Yep, that’s that bit. [Refering to matching up the edges of the pano photos]

[More wind across microphone]

[Confused mutterings] Ah right, there we go. [laughs] Couldn’t find out which bit that was, found it now.

Ooo, which bit’s that? I think… argh… right, there’s a fuzzy bit of the tr… ah, there we go.

It’s quite tricky, this is.

Hehe, I’ve got lots of people tweeting me already, I haven’t even started the game yet.

Er, nearly there.

Oh, which bit is that? ah, that’s that bit there.

I think this might be the last one. We shall see.

Oh no, one more.

And another one, blimey. Thought I’d been all the way around.

In hindsight, the pano took a lot longer than I’d expected, perhaps I should have just done a couple of Twitpics instead.

OK, that’s merging all of those shots,  I don’t know how many there were, probably about 12, perhaps more, into a 360 degree panorama. And as soon as that’s finished merging, I’ll post that straight to Twitter so that you can see exactly what I’m seeing.

Right, something else I want to do is… You can tweet me @catnip, but it you want your tweets to appear on this laptop, if you use the hashtag #catnipplinth ( I shall show you on this sign shortly). I’ll just set this up. It’s a bit wet so I’ll stick it on there [a clear plastic bag that the One and Other team gave me in case of rain].

Argh, ripped it. Fiddly. Fiddly thing. Okaay.

I’ll just check that, yep.

When I set this up, if you include #catnipplinth in your tweet, your tweets will be on here [the laptop]. Hopefully, fingers crossed. And you can share the Plinth with me, your tweets can share the Plinth with me. If I can get it sorted out. With the aid of a 3G dongle.

It might take a few minutes to set up, in the meantime I will set up my whiteboard.

[checks iPhone] Panorama nearly finished merging.

Haha. That’s @bounder down there, the other half, Mr Jon Bounds, hehe, who many if you know I’m sure.

There’s actually more room up here than I thought there would be. It’s not too bad. I don’t think I’m going to go down that end much [points to the highest end], I’ll stick up that end [points to lower end].

Oo, right, my panorama is made… OK.

[Heckler: 'scuse me]


[Heckler: 'scuse me, why're you up there?]

Hehe [to heckler] why am I up here?

[Hecklers: yeah]

[To hecklers] Why not? Wouldn’t you like to be up here?

[Heckler: yeah]


I didn’t imagine there would be anyone in the Square at this time actually, it’s quite strange. There are quite a few people, well a handful of people.

OK… To send my panorama… camera roll… email photo… email to “Flickr 2 Twitter”

Oops… ok

[Heckler: 'scuse me. Why are you up there?]

[To heckler] Sorry?

[Heckler: Why're you up there?]

[To heckler] Why am I up here?

[Heckler: yeah]

[To heckler] Because I had the chance to be up here.

[Heckler: It's raining]

[To heckler] It’s not raining. It’s not raining up here! [laughs]

[Looks back to iPhone screen] Oo, I wasn’t watching that, hopefully it’s gone.

If I check my Twitter, it should be on there.

Right… quite a few tweets to catch up on.

Just want to make sure my panorama photo has gone to Twitter.


I was a bit disappointed with my resulting panorama, it’s much smaller than I thought it would be and only seems to have done 180 degrees, oh well. Here it is:

Live from the Plinth

Update: The version above is the version I uploaded live from the Plinth via email to Flickr to Twitter. I found the original on my iPhone later, it’s the full 360 degrees and pretty good quality:

Plinth panorama 360°

Make sure you check out the full-sized version!

So, even if you’re not on Twitter, if you go to, you can see what I’m saying. You can see any photos that I take, that kind of thing, so… You don’t have to be on Twitter, you can still see the conversation. The conversation happens in public.

Right, time to mantle the whiteboard stand thingy. Might need to tape it down actually, if it gets windy.

Oo, no, Duck tape does not stick to Plinth, good grief! Thought it stuck to everything. Oh it does if you stamp it down.

Observations of the Square: the fountains are not on. I don’t know what time they turn them on, whether they turn them off to save water or what the reason is, I don’t know. Er, n’yeah, that’s quite strange.

And, even though it’s quite light, the floodlights [on the Plinth] are still on. I don’t know if they’re automatic or whether the man in the box [One and Other portakabin office] turns them on and off.

Must remember to take my litter away with me.

OK, right, see if I can remember how to put this up. Oo, it’s quite windyyy. Yeah, I think I may have to tape it down.

Oops, anticlockwise [to undo the screws on the whiteboard].


I’ve been advised to be aware of my position when writing on the whiteboard, otherwise it could look like I’m humping it! [laughs] Very sound advice I thought.

Get some more tape. I don’t want it falling over.

This looks ready to set up.

Bit windy. Glad I put my leggings on under my skirt in case it blows over my head!

Goddamn Vista, so slow! Right, I’ll leave that warming up.

Tape this down, if I can find my tape, here it is.

Ahh, what’s a good position?

I think… well if kind of do it like that, hopefully that camera will be able to pick it up. Actually if I do it a bit squarer, people might be able to see it down there as well.

Wonderful Duck tape, work for me please. That’s good.

It’s twenty past already! I knew my hour would go really quickly. I’d better get a move on then, hadn’t I?

Right, multi-tasking, over here again.

OK, oo, right I need to press this.

Aargh, oh dear.

It’s all in the preparation.

Not having a lot of luck with this piece, there we go.

Right [wobbles whiteboard] ah, quite sturdy, good.

Fingers crossed.

[Bounder: got the laptop working?]

[To Bounder] yep, eventually. What?

[Bounder: are you playing now?]

[To Bounder] wha? I’ve gotta, you know, they can wait! Gotta get it all prepared. It’s worth the wait.

Just need to blow my nose live on the Plinth.

[Blows nose]

Oo, sorry, should have done that away from the microphone!

Bit snotty.

Aanyway, oh that’s not loading. “Loading some tweets”. Well go on then, load them!

Anyway, I will turn that round and leave it running and hopefully, it will load some tweets.

You can see what’s on here yourself, as well, if you go to and search for #catnipplinth (the thing that’s on the label above the laptop).

OK, none have loaded yet, but hopefully… I’ll leave it going… and they might load.

OK, Pictionary!

Right, first of all, let me catch up with some tweets… 32 replies.

Hello @citizensheep

Hello @gecal

Hello @stephendallas

Hello @MyJQ

Hello @Tom_Watson Yes, the, Tom Watson! Not sure why I said this, I think I couldn’t remember where he was MP for and didn’t want to get it wrong, probably confused the golf fans no end!



I’ve probably missed some people out, but let’s get on with the Pictionary.

Finally, I hear you cry.

I have a timer. I wanted one of those giant egg timers, but too short notice, couldn’t get one.

And, get this… [Slams magnetic kitchen timer against whiteboard, magnet falls off]

Oh, that’ll teach me, I’ve broken it! [laughs] That really will teach me, ’cause it was magnetic and I’ve just broken it!


Er, I need a marker pen, which I have in my bag… if I can find it. Right.

This is magnetic [the eraser]. I’ll place it gently so I don’t break it!


Right, quickly before I start, I just want to write something on the back, so that the long camera can pick it up.

Oops… argh… oh, don’t like that bit. It doesn’t seem to write on that bit, try somewhere else. Argh, rubbish pen. I’ll try the other pen, that’s a bit rubbish. That’s better. “Tweet me @catnip”.

Right, have any tweets come on there [the laptop]? no, it’s still loading tweets. Well, that’s rubbish, isn’t it.

Right, some of you have been sending me some ideas of things to draw. If I can find my little notebook! Oh dear me. Hiding at the bottom.

OK, I know some of you are waiting for this so I’ll get on with it.

OK, right.

This one was sent to me by the lovely Shona McQuillan, who is @graphiquillan on Twitter.

Where’s my timer?

[Starts timer]

[Starts to draw first picture]

This is the first picture when I had finished. For some reason I thought I had to keep drawing until the timer went off, so added too much detail!


I’m going to ask Jon’s assistance to see who gets this first.

[Bounder: balti!]

[To Bounder] Who said that?

[Bounder: me]

You’re not allowed to play!

Yes, it’s a balti, that man there [points to Bounder]

[To Bounder]: you’re supposed to play on Twitter!

Right, I’ll do another one.

[To Bounder]: can you keep an eye on the tweets?

I’ll leave that one up there for now.

Right, next one.

[Sets timer]

[To Bounder]: no guessing this, Bounder! It’s not for you to guess.

Yep, this was suggested by Mr Jon Bounds (@bounder).

Picture 2:


What is this? First to get it.

[Bounder shouts something]

[To Bounder] What?

[Bounder: beef burger with ears, dinner plate]

No. You got it right.

[To Bounder] Has anyone got this yet, Jon?

What is this? [Points at picture 2]

Oo, times up.


I’ll just check my tweets.

[Bounder shouts something]

No-one’s got it yet?

[Bounder shouts something]

Didn’t they hear the answer that you yelled out?

[To Bounder] Who’s the first person on Twitter to get that one? [points to picture 1]

Draw bigger” says @OneandOtherweb, OK, I will try and draw bigger.

[laughs] No, it’s not a condom. Bit of a strange condom! [points at picture 2]

Er, the answer to that one [points at picture 1] was a balti. It comes from Birmingham, where I’m from.

No-one’s got this one yet [points at picture 2]

Right, I’m just gonna… on the instruction of One and Other… I’m just gonna try moving this around there. Not that it’s actually showing any tweets I don’t think. No, it still says that it’s loading, I don’t know if any will load.

Hehe, no, it’s not the Gherkin. But you’re in the right area. Well not in the right area, in the right kind of [laughs] right kind of direction. The right field maybe.

Erm [scrolls through tweets] OK.

Oo, @stephendallas, no it’s not a pint of beer.

Yes! We have a winner, @MyJQ (my Jewellery Quarter), it is the Rotunda (in Birmingham), well done!

Right, the next one, I’m going to try and do something else as well. I’m gonna try and stream from Qik, if I can get this thing to work.

This may or may not work.

OK, I’ll rub these out. I’ve been told to draw bigger so I’ll try and fill the whole thing.

OK, right. Okey dokey.

Right, I’m going to attempt to stream my own video live to the web, via an N95. Thank you to Nick Booth, @Podnosh, for lending me this. And, it’s his old one, he’s going to sell it later, so if you want to buy it, get in touch with him.

I don’t think the Qik stream worked live, but it did eventually upload:


Get the timer ready [sets timer]

Right, this one is gonna be a bit more difficult I think.

Oo, I need to not get my hand in the way as well.

Right, one-handed drawing. All my drawing was one-handed, doh!

Right, this one was suggested by my Twitter friend @brendadada, who was the one who actually told me about this project. She mentioned it on Twitter and that’s how I cam to apply for it, so thank you to her.

Er, I don’t know if anyone’s going to get this one actually. I deliberately chose one that’s quite difficult.


Anyone who listens to my radio show, The Big Paws, on Rhubarb Radio might get this. Because it’s to do with one of the features we have on there.

Picture 3:


Oh nooo! That went really quickly! No-one’s going to get that. It looks rude, but it’s not.

[laughs] oh dear.

Right, lets have a look at some of my tweets.

[Bounder: Jules!]

[To Bounder] Yeah?

[Bounder: shouts something]

[To Bounder] Sorry?

[Bounder: Paul Hadley says take the plastic bag off your laptop...]

[To Bounder] OK

Oo, some safety advice there. Must take plastic bag off the laptop or it will overheat. Thank you Paul Hadley.

I was worried about getting it wet, you see. But I don’t think it’s too wet. Oh dear. It is a little bit wet. Oh well, it’s only my old laptop.

[To Bounder] It hasn’t loaded any tweets.

Anyway [sighs]

OK, if this streaming’s working, I’ll just give you a quick whizz around the Square.

Fountain one. No water spouting.

Other fountain.

There’s @bounder.

Oh yeah, let me show you cameras watching cameras.

That is Camera Two I think.

That is Camera Three up there.

That’s the One and Other offices. There’s another camera in there, the long shot camera.

If you’re interested in the cameras, go and watch Mike Figgis’s Plinth hour. If you go to He’s actually a film director and he’s done a brilliant Plinth hour explaining how all the cameras work and he also plays a mean trumpet as well.


[To Bounder] Has anyone got this one, Jon? [points to picture 2]

[Bounder: no-one's got it, have they?]

[To Bounder] Has anyone got it, no?

[Bounder: I don't know what it is!]

[To Bounder] Do you know what it is?

[Bounder: no!]

[laughs] I’ll leave that one on there then and try another one.


[Bounder shouts something]

[To Bounder] What?

[Bounder: Spongebob Squarepants]

[To Bounder] [laughs] No it’s not Spongebob Squarepants!

You’ll never get it actually, but I’ll leave it up just in case. The clue is – if you listen to The Big Paws radio show on Rhubarb Radio (that’s the radio show that me and Jon do, Saturday mornings 8am), it’s to do with one of the features we have on the radio show.

[To Bounder] Don’t shout it out, Jon!

@benjibrum was the first to get pic 3.

[Remembers I'm still streaming] Oh, I’m just going to say hello.

[Turns N95 around] I don’t even know if this is working, but hello.

OK, let me do another one.

Erm, let me do another easy one.

Erm [looks down list of suggestions] hehe

OK, I’ll do a really easy one. I think it’s gonna be easy anyway.

One minute on the timer [sets timer], start.

OK. I’ll do it in the bottom half.

Er [starts drawing]

Actually it might not be as easy [laughs] as I thought. Let’s see.

[Continues drawing]

Actually I don’t know what they’re like at the bottom [laughs]. Oh something like that. I think that gives you the idea.

[Laughs] What is that?

I don’t think I’ve got anything more to add, even though I’ve got some more time. [laughs]

Picture 4:


Does anyone know what that is?

Let me check my tweets.

Good grief, 60 replies.

Might take a while to load these.

It’s 6.40 already, the time has flown by!

[Bounder: lobster!]

[To Bounder] Yes! Who said lobster?

[Bounder: me!]

[To Bounder] You? You’re not allowed to play! [laughs]

Right, I’m gonna shut down the Qik streaming now ’cause I haven’t quite got enough hands, but hopefully you’ve enjoyed seeing what I can see. Another quick whizz round.

[Bounder shouts something]

[To Bounder] Who’s got it right?

The One and Other web team have got it right, lobster, fantastic [gives thumbs up towards the One and Other office]

They actually have an unfair advantage, and still think about cheating, but eventually do the decent thing!

Right, bye bye Qik stream, I need my hands.

[Stops Qik stream]

[Picks up iPhone]

I haven’t really done any tweets of my own, which I said I was going to do.

I might do… [thinks about tweeting a Twitpic] Let me see if I can do a picture [looks around]. Perhaps Nelson’s Column.

Oh, it’s a bit grey and fuzzy. Hmm, maybe the gallery.

[iPhone starts ringing while I'm looking at it]

Oo, I’m not supposed to be taking phonecalls, but it’s my dad, so…


Hi Dad

You’re supposed to be contacting me by Twitter!

[laughs] Right, OK.

Yes, there is a siren going past, I’m not sure what it is.

In the Square, there’s only a handful, but there are a lot of people, I think, watching online. Getting a lot of tweets coming through. I’m playing Pictionary.

It started to spot with rain, but it’s not raining any more, so it’s OK, can’t complain.

I think it’s 22 feet one side, but the other side, it’s only about 8 or something, ’cause there’s kind of steps going up the side, so it’s on different levels.

It’s going well, yeah, it’s flying by actually.

OK, then.

Oh, alright then.

Yeah, you’ve been on the Plinth as well.

OK, bye.


My dad. He’s not on Twitter. I’ll have to work on him.

OK [looks at tweets]

@minibeastplinth: lobster [gives thumbs up]

Paul Hadley: Is it a Chinese Prawn? Well, it kind of looks like that, yeah, but it’s a lobster.

Hello @rachel_simmo

Hello @mrgammon Yes it’s a lobster.

Hello @purpleheather

Hello @benjibrum, it *is* a lobster

Hello @ragearts [laughs]. @ragearts says “Is it you?” I don’t know if they mean me or @bounder, ’cause they’ve addressed the tweet to both of us. Hopefully they mean him [points to Bounder], not me!

Hello @grunt121. He says he can’t get the stream to work. I don’t know if he means my stream or that stream, I don’t know. But hopefully he’ll be able to watch it later.

Erm, who else am I talking to?

@russelltanner – he was on the Plinth earlier, he was doing the @colalife thing, so hello to him [waves].

Oh, I must mention, while I remember, that my friend Jez Collins is on today, complete coincidence. He’s on today at 10pm.

Erm, I did make some notes actually of people I wanted to talk about.

He works on a really interesting project called the Birmingham Music Archive. I don’t know if he’s doing his Plinth time on that or something more personal, but that’s a really interesting project.

What else did I want to mention… Actually I think I’ve mentioned most people in passing.

6.46 already! That’s my dad hogging my time.

Who else is talking to me on Twitter… All these people are sharing my Twitter experience. Think I meant to say Plinth experience here

@citizenship, and @citizensheep as well.


Oh gosh, I actually can’t keep up with the tweets, I’ve got another 84.

[Turns to laptop] I’m a bit annoyed that this hasn’t worked, it’s a shame. Oh well, if you put #catnipplinth on your tweets, I will gather them all up later and put them somewhere and tell you where it is so you can see what everyone’s been saying.

I kind of wanted to demonstrate the power of Twitter because I’ve got a lot of benefit from it. It’s how I heard about this project. I’ve made a hcck of a lot of new friends in Birmingham since using Twitter. True, proper, good friends that I meet in real life, and I met them thanks to Twitter. So I can’t say a bad word about it really.

I also… Oo, there’s a pigeon sharing my Plinth! I don’t mind sharing my Plinth with a pigeon [laughs]

I also find out loads of stuff that’s going on in Birmingham and anywhere, loads of interesting stuff on the web, all from Twitter.

People who say it’s banal, they obviously haven’t got the imagination to use it in a way that’s interesting and useful to them. Little bit of a rant about Twitter there.

[laughs]@benjibrum wants me to name the pigeon. I’ll name him Ben.

Actually I misread the tweet, @benjibrum had retweeted @citizensheep’s tweet, so the pigeon should really have been called Michael!

Oo, sorry, @radeeboi, didn’t mention her

Oops @radeeboi is actually male, but had a woman in his avatar at the time, which confused me!

Hello @tashjudd

@kellystokes, hi Kelly! Yes, it’s a lobster.

We’ve got someone… Oh it’s @cataspanglish listening from Spain, well watching from Spain, from Lleida. Hola!

I can’t… I literally can’t keep up.

Thank you to everyone who’s tweeting me and helping me show how great Twitter is. ‘Cause all of you are sharing my experience on here.

I’m gonna do one more Pictionary I think.

So little time left!

Okaay, I’ve done one of Shona’s… I must mention Shona, because she’s a very talented artist. Go to to see some of her wonderful work. I’ve got some of it hanging in my house. She’s not very well at the moment, so hope you get better soon, Shona.

Yes, so I did one of Shona’s, I did one of Brenda’s, I haven’t done one of Nicky Getgood’s. Where have I put them? At the back. Did one of @bounder‘s.

Right, OK [laughs]. This one might be tricky ’cause it’s a phrase.

No-one’s gonna get that [points at picture 3]. It was “Northern Soul”. Didn’t have time to finish drawing it. That was the dancefloor, that was the talc. Ask @bounder about Northern Soul, it’s very strange. And listen to The Big Paws on, Saturdays 8 til 10 (am) where we have a little Northern Soul feature.

[Picks up timer]

Oops, where’s me pen gone [laughs]… I’ve packed it away… I’ve buried it… OK.

Right, this one [starts timer]… this is a phrase, suggested by @getgood.

[Starts drawing] It’s quite tricky this one, I should have thought about this before I started the timer.

Right, I’ve got to draw big, or I’ll get told off.

Oops, that’s not very good is it.

Haha, ignore that bit. This is the bit.

Picture 5:


What is this phrase?

What’s that phrase? Tell me what that phrase is.

Right, I’m gonna attempt to look at my tweets, but there’s so many. 93 new ones and I hadn’t even finished looking at the last ones.

So, loads of people engaging via Twitter on the Plinth, so I’d recommend anyone else use it as well.

See if I can… see if there’s any new people that I haven’t spoken to before.

Hello @brendadada! Thank you for telling me about the project. Hope to get to meet you one day.

@loiscarter, hello (a new person)

I’ve said… yeah, I think I’ve done the other ones.

Is the pigeon still there? yeah, he is still there, sweeet. I’ll try and take a photo of him. I’ll do a little Twitpic, if I can.

Gonna have to pack up soon.

…hashtag it

Has anyone got the phrase yet?

[To Bounder] Has anyone got the phrase, Jon?

[Bounder: what?]

[To Bounder] Has anyone got the phrase?

Right, hopefully winging its way across the Web, is… oh, has he gone? Oh no, he’s there now… is a Twitpic of the pigeon. Oh no, it wouldn’t do it. Oh I don’t think that’s worked. Ah, bugger.

The Twitpic didn’t work at the time, but luckily I still had it on my phone so uploaded it later:

Ben/Michael the pigeon who shared my Plinth

There’s loads of cool things happening in Birmingham. You might be surprised to hear, but there is. And I wanted to mention them, but there’s loads of them, and I’m bound to miss one out if I start mentioning them. But, tune in to, where we cover all the cool stuff that’s happening in Birmingham, including… I’ll quickly mention BARG, because the’re into this sort of thing, playing games, so search for BARG Birmingham (B-A-R-G) and on Twitter they’re @BARGBARG, if you like your games. They do some fun stuff.

Oo, right, what time is it? I’m gonna have to think about packing up soon. This [the laptop], I don’t think has worked, so… oo, I’ve lost my plastic bag… no, that hasn’t worked, so I shall pack it up now.

Oh dear, I’m littering the Square with plastic bags.

Shame that didn’t work [the laptop], but I’ll still collect the tweets and I’ll put them online so you can see what everyone else has been saying.

[Bounder: Uh oh, here comes the truck]

[To Bounder] What, the bag?

Oh no! Oh no, I’d better hurry up and pack up. They’re coming to get me. Right, everything in there. I need to untape my board, put it down. Oh dear.

That hour has flown by! I don’t know about people saying that they get bored, or whatever, but I certainly didn’t. I could stay up here all day. Yeah, I would have taken a load more pictures, do some more video…

Right, lets put this down.

Go and have a look at my website as well,, and have a look at my blogroll for some other cool stuff that’s happening in Birmingham and further afield.

They’re coming, they’re coming, they’re coming! Quick, quick, quick! I can’t believe how fast that’s gone, unbelievable.

Oo, that, by the way [picture 5] , thanks to Nicky Getgood, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. One of her favourite phrases, and I think one of mine as well. That was supposed to be a gun, and a knife.

Thank you, Twitter friends, for sharing my Plinth time. It’s made it a lot more fun, and probably made me a bit less nervous knowing that there’s other people sharing it with me.

[To next Plinther] Hello!

Fantastic time! I want to stay here all day. Sorry about the litter. Bye Ben, Ben the pigeon. Gather my stuff…

Oh, stay tuned for the next guy, sounds really interesting. He’s doing some kind of lecture, but not a boring lecture, a really interesting lecture.

At this point I remembered a few people I’d forgotten to say hello to, rattled through a few. They got cut off my recorded stream, so are probably at the start of the next guy’s! Soz to him. From what I recall, I said “hello to mum and Richard, dad and Rose, Dan and Beccy, Christina and Steve, Stephen Dallas, all my friends in Buckley and all my friends in Birmingham”.

Some people whose tweets I missed in the deluge:













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  1. Brenda

    Oh that’s lovely. I see no #fail, just a warm, smiling woman squeezing every single bit of enjoyment there is from life. Fab.

    And ty for the shout-outs. I’m so very pleased you Plinthed, and you’d probably have heard about it anyway, but even more pleased you heard it from me. :)

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