About me

I am originally from Buckley in North Wales, but have lived in Birmingham for 12 years and consider myself an honorary Brummie.

My main passion is music and I present a radio show called The Big Paws with my other half on Rhubarb Radio on Saturdays from 8am to 10am (or listen again). I love an extremely eclectic range of music and especially new music (I get bored easily). I prefer music that is either really manic or really mellow (not middle-of-the-road). I hate music snobbery and over-analysis and prefers to just judge music on what it sounds like. My musical guilty pleasure is oldskool rave/happy hardcore ;)

My day job is as a Technical Author. I sometimes find it difficult to take off my work head and can’t help correcting people’s spelling and grammar, much to their annoyance (sorry!). I have worked for many years with web and print content and this has given me an appreciation of the importance of Plain English. I was one of the contributors on the Big City Talk site.

As well as music and technology, I also love animals and wildlife, words and language, dancing, and craft. Thanks largely to the web, I have more recently developed interests in art and design, photography, and architecture. I have made many new friends in Birmingham thanks to Twitter and the Birmingham Bloggers group.

I strongly believe that access to the Web can greatly improve people’s lives.