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Final plinth info

This will probably be my last post before I go on the Fourth Plinth on Tuesday (4th August) at 6am for an hour.

This is what I’m hoping to do, weather and technology permitting!:

I am hoping to play a simplified version of Pictionary on the Plinth. I am taking a small whiteboard on a stand and will draw pictures for Twitter users to guess. Please send me ideas of what to draw in advance. You will be able to guess by sending me a tweet to @catnip, the first to guess correctly wins kudos.

I think there may be a delay on the live stream at oneandother.co.uk, so my plan is to broadcast my own live video stream via Qik or Bambuser. I have borrowed an N95 to do this (thanks @podnosh), but my tests have not worked very well on 3G. If there is wifi available in the Square, I think it should work well, if not I might not be able to get it to work.

If my own mobile web stream doesn’t work, I will try doing Pictionary just over the normal stream. If there is a long delay it might cause problems.

If the Pictionary idea doesn’t work, I will just try and talk to people via Twitter, type @catnip at the start of your tweet and I will see it, you can also include #catnipplinth in your tweet. I am hoping to display all tweets containing the hashtag #catnipplinth on a laptop screen, I’m not sure how well the cameras will pick up this up, but you can see the same thing yourself at http://visibletweets.com/#query=%23catnipplinth

Whatever happens, I will be live tweeting my hour. I hope to tweet a few pictures too. Even if you are not a Twitter user, you can still see what I am saying by going to twitter.com/catnip. If you do want to set up a Twitter account, here is a beginners’ guide to Twitter.

These are all the links you might need:

One and Other home page with live web stream

My One and Other Profile page (please leave me a comment or pledge!)

My Twitter stream

Visible Tweets display of #catnipplinth

I have a place on the Fourth Plinth!

I’m chuffed that my name has been drawn for a place on The Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square on 4th August from 6-7am. More info at oneandother.co.uk.

But what the blinking heck should I do with my hour? I’m not sure I really have one burning issue I want to support/promote, but there are many great things happening in Brum that I wouldn’t mind giving a helping hand to, including Rhubarb Radio, Birmingham Bloggers, BARG, Birmingham Hackspace, West by West Midlands, Social Media Surgeries, We Share Stuff

So I’m thinking vaguely along the lines of promoting Brum and digital inclusion. I’m pretty sure I first heard about the event via Twitter (@brendadada if I remember correctly) and in fact I’ve not really noticed it covered by any other media, so I probably wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t for Twitter.

I’m thinking about live tweeting using a hashtag, say #catnipplinth or even a separate Twitter account. It’s a great way to share my experience with my Twitter friends. I could possibly rig up a laptop to display tweets at the bottom of the plinth (Jon would have to be on guard!), hopefully there would be enough battery to last an hour.

So, what do you clever people think? Is my idea too vague? Can you think a better way of doing it or any other ideas?

I need to let them know what I’m planning on doing when I accept the invitation, which I only have 2 more days left to do, so if you have any ideas, let me know asap.

Thanks :)

Update: I have now confirmed my place, but keep the ideas coming as nothing is set in stone!