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I heart identicons

9 block identicon

I’ve noticed these cool aztec looking icons around the web over the past few weeks. They represent someone’s Globally Recognized Avatar when they haven’t yet uploaded one of their own via gravitar.com.

So anyway, I figured there were say a couple of dozen of these things that were assigned randomly to users. And I thought they’d look pretty cool on a tshirt. So I went to look for them and found out that they’re waaaaaay cooler than I thought. They are generated from your IP address and so there are thousands um millions um a shedload of them!

Anyway, as I have a floating IP address, I just picked a random one that I liked and made a tshirt online, can’t wait for it to arrive.

light-emitting wallpaper!

light-emitting wallpaper

This is gorgeous.

via Inhabitat:

With alternative lighting solutions becoming a typical consideration in sustainable interior design, Jonas Samson’s illuminated wallpaper is set to take the Salone Internazionale del Mobile and its design junkies by storm. A clever mix of the graphic, textile-inspired papers of the recent-past and organic technologies of the future, his light-emitting wallpaper happily straddles the fence between kiddie night-light and inventive design feature. It’s eco-credentials: turning a two-dimensional surface into a light source versus the traditional bulb/lamp construct.