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Final plinth info

This will probably be my last post before I go on the Fourth Plinth on Tuesday (4th August) at 6am for an hour.

This is what I’m hoping to do, weather and technology permitting!:

I am hoping to play a simplified version of Pictionary on the Plinth. I am taking a small whiteboard on a stand and will draw pictures for Twitter users to guess. Please send me ideas of what to draw in advance. You will be able to guess by sending me a tweet to @catnip, the first to guess correctly wins kudos.

I think there may be a delay on the live stream at oneandother.co.uk, so my plan is to broadcast my own live video stream via Qik or Bambuser. I have borrowed an N95 to do this (thanks @podnosh), but my tests have not worked very well on 3G. If there is wifi available in the Square, I think it should work well, if not I might not be able to get it to work.

If my own mobile web stream doesn’t work, I will try doing Pictionary just over the normal stream. If there is a long delay it might cause problems.

If the Pictionary idea doesn’t work, I will just try and talk to people via Twitter, type @catnip at the start of your tweet and I will see it, you can also include #catnipplinth in your tweet. I am hoping to display all tweets containing the hashtag #catnipplinth on a laptop screen, I’m not sure how well the cameras will pick up this up, but you can see the same thing yourself at http://visibletweets.com/#query=%23catnipplinth

Whatever happens, I will be live tweeting my hour. I hope to tweet a few pictures too. Even if you are not a Twitter user, you can still see what I am saying by going to twitter.com/catnip. If you do want to set up a Twitter account, here is a beginners’ guide to Twitter.

These are all the links you might need:

One and Other home page with live web stream

My One and Other Profile page (please leave me a comment or pledge!)

My Twitter stream

Visible Tweets display of #catnipplinth