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Two weeks and counting…

Eek, it’s only two weeks until I will be sur la Plinth. I received my info pack yesterday, ‘citin’, and will do a separate post on its contents.

If you want to look at my profile page, it’s at http://www.oneandother.co.uk/participants/juliagilbert. I will no doubt update this a million times over the next couple of weeks!

You can now comment on profile pages and pledge to watch, if you so desire. What would be pretty cool, actually, is if you could put your Twitter names in the comments/pledge comments, as I am trying to encourage new people to use Twitter.

I’m also looking for ideas about what to take in my ‘Plinth Toolkit’. These are props that I can use to complete people’s Twitter requests and hence demonstrate the Power of Twitter, woo! So far I’m thinking paper, fat marker pens, scissors. I have also ordered a flip chart :) What else could I take up there with me?