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Wrong way round

I have noticed a disturbing driving trend recently – people driving the wrong way around roundabouts!

I’m sure it started off by people taking a lazy shortcut when turning right at mini roundabouts when there’s no-one else about.

But I’ve seen people do this when there are other people waiting to enter the roundabout and also not just on the very small ‘mini’ roundabouts in residential areas.

I recently saw someone turn right from Wake Green Road (a B-road) into Hayfield Road in Moseley while I was waiting on College Road:

I regularly see people turning right at the roundabout where Spring Road meets Cateswell Road and Tynedale Road in Acock’s Green. I pass this roundabout on my way to and from work and I see this happen so regularly that I’m tempted to go and stand there with a video camera or ask the police to set up camp there!

A van nearly hit me recently at this roundabout. I was on Cateswell Road going straight across and he was coming down Tynedale Road indicating right. It was my right of way so I carried on going, but he decided to turn right without bothering to go round the roundabout and nearly hit me and had to break suddenly. Apart from the obvious problems of driving the wrong way round a roundabout, it mucks up the right of way. If he’d have gone right round the roundabout as he was supposed to, we both could have gone at the same time.

Bad driving habits are quickly formed, so my advice is don’t even take shortcuts on mini roundabouts when there’s no-one about, because you’ll end up doing it without thinking on a bigger, busy roundabout!

box junctions

am i the only person in kings heath who knows how to use a box junction? i.e. do not enter unless your exit is clear EXCEPT WHEN TURNING RIGHT!!!

every morning I turn right from kings heath high street into vicarage road and 9 out of 10 people who are turning right do not use the box junction correctly and hover gingerly outside of it like scared mice. even if I am at the front of the queue and correctly move to the middle of the box junction ready to turn right, the people behind me do not even follow me and stay behind the line.

now admittedly their actions (or inactions) are not particularly dangerous, it just annoys the hell out of me and I wonder how many other highway rules they don’t fully understand or are too scared to implement.

emergency vehicles

I’m driving to work and an ambulance is coming up behind me, so I pull over to let it past and so do a number of other vehicles in front of it. After it has gone past, I go to pull straight out again and find I can’t because some of the other idiots behind me have decided to seize this opportunity to take over me. I think this is the height of bad manners. We have all had to pull over for an emergency, we all need to pull out again to be on our own, fortunately emergency-free, merry ways. You’d think the fact that someone nearby needed an ambulance would make these people count their blessings and be considerate to fellow road users, but no, it seems that someone else’s misfortune is their gain.