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missed photo/video opportunities

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you kicked yourself for not having your camera with you or not getting it out fast enough?

On Sunday, I was driving to my dad’s, which involves going through some farm land. I had to stop because some cows were blocking the lane. Not knowing what one is supposed to do in this situation, I thought I’d better stay put until they decided to get out of the way of their own accord. Some cows were in my field and even more cows were in the next field the other side of a cattle grid. Luckily, my friend happened to phone me on my mobile, which helped to pass the cow waiting time, then after a few minutes the farmer appeared in the other field, shouted some magic cow-summoning phrase and they all followed him. They ALL followed him, including the ones that were in my field, the cows went happily over the cattle grid!! Now if I hadn’t still been talking to my friend I would have recorded this worrying evidence of cow evolution for all to see!

Actually the cattle grids were a bit rubbish, they were only about a foot deep so the cows could stand on the ground below, but you couldn’t tell that from where I was. Even so it must still have been tricky for cows to negotiate with their spindly nobbly legs, only four of the whole herd had made it across. It would have been a surefire YouTube hit.

Another missed opportunity happened years ago, I can’t even remember the time and place, but I saw a poster for a gig which read “Chas n Dave (not real Dave)”. Always regret not taking a pic of that, but those were the days when I didn’t always carry a camera with me.

I’m sure more of these will come to me, and I’ll update this post with any more I think of. In the meantime, share your missed opportunities in the comments :)